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Benefits of Olive leaf



Olive leaf is the emblem of heavenly power and it was first used in Ancient Egypt for medical purpose. There are many medicinal properties present in olive leaf and it is used for human health.

Olive leaf present in the olive tree and it contains rich phytochemicals. It protects the tree from various disease and pest attacks. The main ingredient oleuropein present rich in olive leaf, it helps to protect the body from many hazards.

Health benefits of Olive leaf

Building bone strong

The olive leaves contain chemical oleuropein that promote the building bone cells very strong. It also fights against the development of osteoporosis disease and prevent the bone density loss.

Reduce blood pressure

Blood pressure increase more to risk the heart attacks and heart related diseases.  The oleuropein has ability to reduce the blood pressure. It reduces the development of bad cholesterol and improves the blood circulation. It avoids the formation of blood clots and prevents the heart from heart attack.

Anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties

The oleuropein compounds fight against the various bacteria, fungus and virus in body. It mainly resists the virus function and not allows reproducing more in body. The oleuropein only target to attacks the micro organisms and it not affects the anti biotic.

Improve Antioxidants

The antioxidant is more important to protect our body from various cells damage and disease. The olive leaf contains phenols that increase the antioxidants. The antioxidant resists the free radicals, because free radicals damage the process of creating DNA.

Fight against cancer

The anti –melanoma effects present in the extraction of olive leaf. It reduces the volume of tumor development. According to many studies, olive leaf has ability to fight against the development of cancer. It reduces the development of cancer in breast at the early stage.

Control diabetes

Olive leaf extract contain hyperglycemic effects, it helps to reduce the blood sugar levels. It also controls the blood glucose level. The polyphenols present in olive leaf delay the production of sugar and prevent from the diabetes disease.

Natural artists remedy

Arthritis disease is cause due to the pain in joints and swelling. The oleuropein compounds present in olive leaf works as anti-inflammatory. It protects the body from arthritis and act as natural artists remedy.

Protect skin

Skin is the important in our body to look beauty but some of the reason; skins look so thickness and elasticity in young age. Olive leaf has the power to reverse your age because it has antioxidants properties. It protects the skin from certain cell damage and increase the skin cells health.

Treating other disease

Olive leaf has power to against the bacteria, virus and fungus attacks in body. There are many disease resist by olive leaf they are colds, tuberculosis, malaria, polio, allergies, infections in the lungs, liver, teeth, ears, chronic fatigue.

For your attention

Above you see the benefits of olive leaf and now you can also to know How to use olive leaf?

  • Purchase the olive leaf extract is the very easiest way. You can buy in local health store or online.
  • Be aware to buy organic products.
  • You can also use olive leaf tea bag.

Avoid foods to Cause Cancer

c f3Cancer is the one of the worst disease in this world. No one take it easy because it kills the human life. There are more than 100 different types of cancer disease is known in the medical field. In USA each and every year 1.6 million people affects by cancer.

Many of the medical experts say Foods and an environmental life style change is the one of reason for cancer disease. In this article you will see about the cancer causing foods.

Consuming more processed food

Today world is moving high speed and people also moving very fast in this world.  The fast food system spread popularly, because it reduces the time to make food. Yes, today many food items are made with artificial color flavor, adding chemicals, salts and sweet agents.

The heavily salted, smoked and pickled foods are increasing the risk of stomach cancer. In Japan stomach cancer is more due to the people intake of high salt and pickled food items. In June 2010 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that high salt food increase 10% more the stomach cancer.

Consuming more high red meat and processed meat

The stomach and bowel cancer form due to the intake of more processed meat. The red meat includes fresh, minced and frozen pork, lamb or veal, beef.  The processed meat increases the risk of stomach cancer. The meat preserved in freezer and also preserved in some other ways like bacon, sausages, ham, salami, black pudding, corned beef, pâté and tinned meat.

If you consuming preserved meats, you can automatically consuming sodium nitrates, because it is added to processed meats for color. The sadly thing is sodium nitrate compound is convert into nitrosamines, and this also increase the risk of cancer.

Drinking excess alcohol

Alcohol is main liquid to increase the development of cancer. Alcohol can increase the various cancer developments like mouth cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, bowel cancer and throat cancer. Daily drinking more alcohol increase the risk of cancer and it damage the organ, finally it finish the human life.

Fried food, potato chips and snack food

Fried food, potato chips and snack food contain high levels of acrylamide. Another substance carcinogenic form during the time of foods is heated at high temperature. The potato ships contain more calories and fats. It increases the level of cholesterol more.

The Trans fat not only increases the risk of cardio vascular disease and type 2 diabetes. But it also increases the risk of prostate cancer for men. The Trans fat contain in many foods including vegetable shortening, cookies, granola bars, margarine, crackers, cereals, candies, baked goods, chips, snack foods, salad dressings, fried foods, and many other processed foods.


No one hates this sweet thing. Sugar is adding in many food items. The science community says eating sugar foods and artificial form of sugar can increase the growth of cancer cell.

Many people avoid eating natural fruits because their thought is fruits contain sugar, so it increases the cancer cells growth more.  In natural fruits contain natural sugar and it never increase or encourage the growth of cancer cell. But the artificial form of sugar increase the growth of cancer cell.

Sugar is not directly encouraged the cancer cell growth, but consumption of more sugar increase the body weight. The obesity increases the risk of cancer because it may change the insulin or hormone level. The changes in hormone level or insulin increase the risk of breast and uterine cancer.

Artificial sugar present in sweets, cakes, cookies and soft drink. It also present in salad dressing, canned vegetables and pasta sauce. Always intake natural sugar like honey maple syrup and molasses because it contains more useful antioxidants

If you wants to stop the cancer developments in natural way, read this article Natural foods that stop the Cancer Growth

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