asthma kid feelAsthma blocks the airflow passes in the airways of bronchi, which is present in the lungs. Asthma symptoms or warning are breathe very hard, coughing and wheezing problem. Natural oils are a simple way to cure asthma without any man made drugs and no need to waste much more money.

Essential Oils for Treating Asthma – Precaution

Natural oils is use to cure the asthma, but some of the asthma patient to get treatment to their doctor, so before use the naturals oil for asthma consult to your doctor  to avoid any side effects. We not sure to say natural oils fit for all asthma patients.

How Essentials oil can help to treating Asthma


Asthma suffered patient had more irritable get in their bronchi and it make more negative effects to breathe easy. The Muscle around th
e bronchi is more tighten that is mucous like substance forms more and it less the flow of air to lungs.asthmatic-airway-Shutterstock

Natural oils easy to clear the mucous form presence in the airways and make a way to flow air freely. It reduces the form of mucous excess. It cures the patient from burning and swelling in the narrow bronchi.

The Best Essential Oils for Asthma

Lavender’s Oillavender oil

Lavender’s oil is most essential anti-inflammatory to asthma patient. This information is published in 2012 a research study about lavender’s. Researchers developed an artificial bronchial asthma in mice through they tested how lavender’s process in anti-inflammatory impact.

They divide the mice into two groups and given lavender’s oils to one group and normal treatment to another group for two weeks. At end of the research they find an amazing result that is lavenders oil treated mice in good conditions and breathe easily compare to normal treatment mice group. Lavenders group mice lungs contain less mucous and have less eosinophil cells in the fluids and tissue in the lungs.

Tea Tree Oiltea tree oil

This tea tree oil is mainly to evacuate the mucous and give relief from wheezing and coughing problem.  Take a clean face cloth and dip into warm water, then remove the excesses water. Now pour few drops of tea tree oil in the clean face cloth. Breathe over it until the cloth will cool. Follow this procedure 2-3 times in a day till get relief from asthma.

Eucalyptus Oil


The utmost spice of eucalyptus mainly removes the blocked air passage in lungs. The power of eucalyptus oil, to isolate mucous and phlegm, then it helps to breathe easily. The asthma patient easiest method to use eucalyptus oil daily, Take a small pot and fill in with warm water and pour few drops of eucalyptus oil. Then restrict air passages and breathe the steam. Restrict air passages give cure from lungs spasms.

Clove Oilclove oil

It is a good powerful medicine for asthma. It is easily cure the asthma and improve asthma patient breathing. It nature is antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic that remove blocked air passage and make to free air flow in bronchi. The patient use the clove to rub in their chest also, but remember one thing it make skin problem. So please avoid this problem by using clove oil dilute with water or sweet almond oil.

Frankincense Oil


This natural oil is very good cough medicine with anti inflammatory properties. It is an amazing nerviness that fights against stress, anxiety and confusion. It remove blockage from nasal passage and lungs. You can massage this oil in your chest to get cure from blockage (mucous block the air flow in airway). You can also use Frankincense oil as a spice by stick diffuse and  it spread into the air.

Thyme Oil

thyme oil


Thyme oil is more useful cough medicine with antiseptics and antibacterial properties. It is known to improve immunity protect respiratory system and fight against cough, cold and all symptoms of asthma. Use thyme oil with steam or vapor to get relief from wheezing and hard to breathing problem.

Important thing

The above mentioned natural oils is give relief from asthma. Use this natural oils continually until to get a relief from asthma, but the patient must consult the doctor before use this oils.



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