muscle loss
Muscle is the most important one to maintaining position of parts in our body. Muscle loss or Muscular atrophy will make our body weak and we feel to maintain an illness life. Researchers found a truth the two compounds have power to stop the muscle loss. This news is useful to those who are suffering from muscle loss. To prevent this muscle loss by simply eating two tasty fruits daily.

The Age and Muscle connection

The Muscle continues to grow healthy and larger from the birth time until to complete the age of 30. Then the muscle weakness or muscle mass loss 3-5 percent every 10 years. Muscular atrophy increasing more after the age of 75.

AtrophyThe muscle losses are making the senior age person life more pain and reduce the enjoyable things. It reduces the stamina and body strength. It is very hard to do a simple job like walking, gardening.  Sometimes it happen to more aged person fall down due to the muscle weakness and cause bone breakage.

Two Fruits can stop Muscle Lossapple-green-tomato

The amazing two natural fruits can stop the muscle loss. The apple and green tomatoes are more power to stop the muscle loss. Simply add with your daily eating food things. Daily eating an apple and green tomatoes to makes your life healthy and strength with maintain happier life and prevent from muscle atrophy.

How it works

The ursolic acid presents in the peel of apple and tomatidine present in the green tomatoes. This news published by a researcher team in the University of Iowa. They found one thing these two compounds prevents from the effects of ATF4, because it is the main cause for muscle weakness.

The two substances can wipe out the expression of muscle degenerating ATF4.

The journal of biological chemistry published news in online about new therapies for the muscle atrophy. The researcher added ursolic acid and tomatidine in their diet, after two months they have an amazing result, that is the both muscle mass and muscle strength increase, with mass increasing 10 percent and strength increasing 30 percent.

Eat daily

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This proverb is truer to live a healthy life by eating an apple daily. The green tomatoes and Apple eating daily then it will help to push off the effects of ATF4 in your muscle. Both the fruits are really taste and sweet.


Eat an apple daily is good for the health and beware of the non organic production of apple, because it contains more pesticide. So please eat the organic apple daily in your life. It will surely good for health.


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