Benefits of Drinking water on empty Stomach

Drinking water

Water! Water!! Water!!! Most important thing for human being day today life. Without Water you can’t think to live in this world because from the early morning to night going to bed time you need water for all the things. There are many benefits given by water to all living things. It gives more and more benefits to human beings; especially you can get lots of benefits when you drinking water on empty stomach in the early morning.

There are different water therapy methods in this world, but in this article you see water therapy method followed in two different countries in this world.

  1. Japanese water therapy.
  2. Indian water therapy.

Japanese water therapy

In Japanese many people live more years due to they follow their tradition water therapy. It can used as natural treatment for various body related problem like diarrhea, vomiting, tuberculosis, ear problem,  eye problem, cancer, diabetes, mental disorder, asthma, kidney and urine related disease, bronchitis and heart disease.

Drinking water in empty stomach helps to refresh all parts of your body.  The steps to follow for Japanese water therapy methods are

  1. Drink 4 glass (640 ml) of water before brush your teeth and it should not any fluoride.
  2. Don’t eat anything another 45 minutes, before that brush your teeth and wash your mouth.
  3. Normally takes your breakfast.
  4. After two hour don’t eat anything.

Please keep in your mind always drink little warm water and never drink cold water or room temperature water.

How many days take to cure disease?

The below table details clearly shows about the water therapy treatment take how many days to cure the diseases.

S. N.o Disease Name N.o of Days To cure Disease
1 Constipation 10
2 Gastric 10
3 Diabetes 30
4 High Blood Pressure 30
5 Tuberculosis 90
6 Cancer 180

Normally some people feel hard to drink 4 glass of water at the starting stage. Those types of people drink less water at the starting stage then increasing the water level step by step. No side effect in this treatment is a one of the good advantage.

Indian Water Therapy

There is not a great difference between Japanese water therapy and Indian water therapy. In Indian Water therapy people drink little more amount of water drink compare to Japanese water therapy. The water therapy treatment follows by Indian people from the olden period.  Indian people drink water on empty stomach in the early morning time.

The benefits given by Indian water therapy treatment is also same like as Japanese water therapy.

In Indian water therapy treatment, many people drink 1.5 liters water in the morning time. It makes some effects because human kidney process 800-1000 ml of water per hour. The water level increases more than 1 liter cause some dangerous effects. This is the one of disadvantage in Indian water therapy treatment.

Indian people can avoid the dangerous effects by drinking maximum 1000 ml of water in the early morning time. Follow this water therapy treatment regularly for good health. But the patients must consult to the doctor before starting this Treatment, otherwise Water therapy treatment Boon for all human beings.


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    1. Ya i know very well it is very hard to drink just water… because me also addicted to coffee….but i practice daily now it is easy for me….. thanks for your nice comments skypearl……..

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