Symptoms of Lungs Disease and How to Reinforce Your Lungs

Lung diseases

Lungs are the biggest organ in human body and it is most important organ for respiration process.  Lungs expand and contracted 20 times a minutes and supply oxygen to your entire body. Lungs main process is in take oxygen and out take carbon dioxide from your body. Lungs doing the Gas exchange process continuously without taking any rest. Lungs helps to give a good energy and it increase your life duration and you also see your many birthdays!!!! Now you can realize how important is your Lungs?

Let’s now see what are the external things are threaten to your lungs.

Causes of Lung Disease

Many external things are reasons for Lungs disease. But you can easily prevent your lungs, if you have right knowledge about the external things.

Air Pollutions

Nowadays industrial world is developing more and producing more toxic substance, it mixes with natural air. Normally your body sucks oxygen, but it contains too much of carbon dioxide, other toxin substance makes a lungs disease.


Some of the lung diseases are mainly caused by the micro organisms like bacteria, virus and fungus. The most commonly Germs cause pneumonia and influenza.


Smoking is main enemy for your lungs Health. Smoking is kills your lungs cells step by step and it finally damaged your respiratory function totally. The second hand smoke also affects your lungs health. Avoid smoking habits; it is a great benefit for your lungs health. You want to make clean your lungs, try to eat dry grapes daily and it will purify your lungs.


Several lung conditions related to our genes that play an important role to our lungs health.


Asbestos made by tiny fibers and it can be escape into air and it causes many effects to your lungs health. If you breathe the air then tiny fibers settle down into lungs for long time and form a lungs disease.


Radon is an invisible gas and also it has no smell and taste.  Radon is form by the decay of heavy metals. The radon and it radioactive product is cause more dangerous to your lungs when you are inhaling that air.

What is Lung Disease?

There are many different types of lungs disease that affect the way people breathe. They slowly damage the respiratory system and making difficult to live every day, and it causing hundreds of people death in every year.

Most common Types of Lung Disease

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a disease it uncontrolled the cell growth in tissues of the lungs. This growth can spread into whole area of lungs and other parts of the body. Lung cancer is a dead list disease and it killing many women each and every year compare to other cancer disease.


Asthma is affecting the respiratory system and make very difficult to breathing. The air ways are blocked due to the formation of more mucous. Asthma affecting the lungs function and also dangerous to your health. If you may want to cure from asthma in natural way read my article Natural oils to cure Asthma.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is making very hard to breath. This disease is most commonly occurs to the smoking habits people. It affects the air flow which is passing through chronic in the lungs. The symptoms for this disease are hard to breath, cough and excess of sputum production.

Prediction of Lung Disease

It is better for you, if you find earlier the problem in your respiratory system. There are some symptoms for lung disease, kindly noting it and safe your lungs from any disease attack.

  • Very hard to breathe in and out and make pain in chest.
  • Expelling blood or thick mucus substance during cough.
  • Tight wheezing sensation and continuous coughing when breathing.
  • More weight loss and attitude dull.
  • Loss of breath more when doing a little work.

How to increase Lungs Health

Many of the people suffer in lungs disease in this world. Unfortunately if you are one of them kindly follow the below methods and prevent your lungs from the damage.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is the major important things for your lungs damage. So try to quit the smoking habits. If may be you are addicted to smoking habits, If you want to get relief from that habit please read my article How to Quit Smoking???.Be alert about second hand smoke, because it can also damage your lungs. So please keep away distance when a person smoking a cigarette.

Get Active

If you feel tied or not be an active in your lungs health then you do moderate exercise. The moderate exercise is brisk all your parts of the body and give fresh energy to your body.

Pure Air

Try to keep your home filled with pure air always by planting air filter trees and make your home always clean. The outdoor world is filled with pollutant air, so try to spend more time with nature in the early morning and evening time. The respiration of pure air will make your lungs and its function in healthy way.

Follow Diet in Correct way

Food diet is very important to your lungs health and also to your body health. Always take natural foods, because it will increase your body health. Try to eat more natural fruits and vegetables and avoid the fast food system because it will help to prevent your lungs from lungs cancer disease.

Consult to your Doctor

If you take more caring about your lungs health, then you can consult to your doctor. The doctor gives medical advice to you about your lungs health and you can maintain a healthy life style.


If you want to cleanse your lungs in natural ways read this ARTICLE


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