Never to ignore the Symptoms for Heart Attack

heart attack symptoms

Heart attack these word normally using nowadays due to the increasing of Heart disease.  Heart attack disease kills many people in this world. The World Health Organization (WHO) published a news heart disease is the World number one disease, kills many people in each and every year. Many of them ignore about heart attack disease symptoms. You can easily prevent you’re heart from the heart attack disease, when you have to know about disease and the prevention methods.

The caution signals of heart attack can be diagnosed as heartburn, muscle soreness, flu, and other non-cardiac causes. If you skip to take treatment for your heart then it’s going wrong very seriously. Sometimes it will put end card for your life.

Today Medical field is developed in advanced technological treatment for Heart disease. Many of the people are alert about heart disease and they easily prevent their heart from heart disease and attack.

The some risk factor include for heart disease. They are…

  • Age.
  • Diabetes.
  • Family history.
  • High cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Obesity.
  • Smoking.
  • Unhealthy life style.

Symptoms for Heart attack

Chest pain

The most common symptom for heart attack is Chest pain. Many of the people reveal their heart attack experience they feel like “a great tonnage of weight placed on their chest” and some people say “an elephant sitting on the chest”. Everyone has different chest pain experience, but when you have chest pain immediately call the emergency number and you must admit in the hospital.

Breathing Problem

The breathing problem is also another symptom that is shortness of breath. Many people feel very hard to breathe air in and out. This experience is just like marathon player feel very hard to take a long breath after finishing the running.


Snoring is also the symptom for heart attack because normal air is passing through mouth into body. It will make more cause for your heart health. So in the starting stage you take treating for snoring is a better option. You can consult your doctor and use CPAP machine while       in sleeping time. It is good for your health and your life partner also sleeps well without any noise disturbance.

Get tired easily

If you get tired easily when you do small or easy work then you must consult your doctor to check your heart health.

The tiredness or weakness is continuo for several days for few people, especially for women. So it is better to consult your doctor for avoiding the heart attack.

Throat Pain

Normal throat pain or jaws pain is not related to heart attack. It related to mostly the causes of cold or sinus infections. But when you have more chest pain then that pain affects your throat and jaws. So you must take a quick medical treatment is good for your health.

Nausea, vomiting and stomach Pain

During heart attack few people have these symptoms like nausea, vomiting and stomach pain. Different symptom for each and every people during their heart attack. But this nausea, vomiting and stomach pain symptoms are mostly experiencing by women.

Light Headed

Loss of conscious and light headedness can occurs during heart attacks, few people experiencing these symptoms.


Many people having Heart attack before they experience feelings of Anxiety and high nervousness.

Legs, Feet and ankles are swollen

If the Heart does not pump the blood then legs, feet and ankles are swollen. The heart failure to pump the blood in enough fast then the bloods back up in the veins and it causes bloating.

Pain in Body

Mainly the heart attack pain starts from chest and it spread through the other parts of the body like arms, shoulders, elbow, neck, jaws, and abdomen. The pain spread mostly to left side of the body.


Symptoms can come in a second and may be it continuo for a week. But you must take prevention method and safe your heart. If you avoid to taking care it will make heart attack. While emergency time you don’t drive the car.


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    1. Dear deveraj mani maran not only oil foods cause cardic problems.So first you dont fear about that thing.It based on your body health, food diet and environment conditions.. .
      But nowadays fast food and snacks items quality is very less. So try to reduce that.. If you have that chest pain simultaneously then you can consult your doctor is good for your health.

      Thanks for your comments

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