Important ways to stop snoring naturally

stop SnoringSnoring means make grunting sound while sleep. Mainly this problem for men. Normally snoring can affect the whole family sleeping time. Some relationship is broken due to this problem. In some family husband and wife are not sleeps in same room.  Some person snoring sound is like a Dts Effects.

Snoring can lead you in many health issue risk, so you can take treatment to avoid it. Many people doing surgery based on doctor advice. But you know very well surgery is making pain and it did not work well. If you want to go for surgery process, before that read this article. Surely it can help to stop your snoring habits naturally.

Steps to stop Snoring


Many of the people suffer in night time congestion, may be you are one of them. You can try aromatherapy instead of antihistamines because it is more effect and give relief instantly. Essential oils help to reduce congestion, mucous production and coughing. Try to use essential oil like peppermint, eucalyptus, cedar wood, bergamot, tea tree, lavender oil.

You can use essential oil in two ways to reduce congestion before going to bed. The one way is steam vaporizer in your bed room helping to clear mucous, nasal passage open and improves air flows. Another one way is take boil water in bowl and put few drops of essential oil in that bowl. Then place a towel in your head and inhale the steam for 5 minutes. It also helps to relief from congestion problem. Before going to bed you can follow any one method.

Healthy lifestyle changes

Weight Loss

Losing body weight 10% can reduce the fatty tissue in your back of neck, it helps to improve the air flow freely and the snoring also stops. If you want to reduce the weight loss in natural way read Best Natural oils for Weight loss.


Exercise will helps to reduce the body weight. It can also reduce the muscle around your throat and it can reduce the snoring.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcohol also cause for snoring. If you drink alcohol before going to bed making more snore. Avoid drink alcohol helps to reduce the snoring.

Throat Exercise

Throat exercise strengthens your muscle in the respiratory tract system and it can stop the snoring. If you can practices daily 15-30 minutes it will really gives benefits to you.

  • Say the vowels (a-e-i-o-u) loudly for 3 minutes and repeat few times a day.
  • Open your mouth and contract muscle in throat for 30 seconds.
  • Just stick out lower jaws and upper jaws teeth for 30 seconds.

Stop smoking

Smoking habit also cause for snoring. If you have smoking habits then get irritations to mucous membranes in your throat and nose, causing congestion. Do you want to quit smoking habits???

Change the way of sleeping style

Everyone sleep in different style. If you want to reduce the snoring try to change the sleeping styles. Some people sleeping with tennis ball in their bed. It helps to sleeping in a good position and avoids the snoring. But I am not sure to say it success for all because some of the people body size too big (But don’t try Football instead of tennis ball based on your body size).

Keep your Nasal passage open

Sometimes cold can affects your nasal passage to flow air freely. So try to use essential oil before going to bed. Allergens also can blocks your airways and difficult to inhalations. The room conditions also make you allergens more that is dust and pillows conditions in your room. Try to keep clean your room with vacuum cleaner. Sometimes change the pillows also helps to reduce the snoring.

Nasal Strips

Nasal strip is helps to clear nasal passage airflow without any blocking and avoid the snoring. Many of the people try this nasal strips and gets positive benefits.

Keeps this above method correctly and get relief from snoring. If you don’t get any improvement then you consult to your doctors. May be it’s also symptoms for other disease.


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    1. In Japan many people use the natural medicine and many of them people drink green tea, i hear this news through one of my friend. IS IT TRUE???……leannenz


      1. Green tea is huge. I am not sure about the natural medicine. I know when I need physio for my back I go to a practitioner that practices like a chinese pressure point style of massage and it works wonders.

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      2. Thank you for your nice reply comment and valuable informations. I LIKE VERY MUCH GREEN TEA. IM EAGER TO WAITING FOR DRINK JAPAN GREEN TEA..

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