How to increase Blood Circulation

blood circulationBlood circulation is most important to our body; it helps to carry oxygen to all parts of the body and purifier the blood. Do you have numbness in your feet? And may also do you suffer from cold in your feet not in a winter time? Do you have loss of appetite?  These are the most common symptoms for blood circulation problem. The other symptoms like decrease memory power indicate poor blood circulation in brain.

How affects Blood Circulation?

Many things are disturbed or affect the blood circulation. Aging is the one of the main disturbance. The increasing age more and more arteries become smaller and lose some elasticity, and then the heart very hard to pump the blood and maintain the circulations in the body. The blood pressure is increase due to the decrease of blood flow.

Another cause is excess of body weight provide swelling your foots and legs. Smoking habits also build up plaque on your blood vessels. It also makes the blood pressure and other heart problems. Eating quality less food, lack of exercise and sitting always in computer; these are increase your body weight and lead your body into bad circulation.

How to improve Blood Circulation


Exercise is the one of the best method to improve the blood flow in your body. In the early morning exercise is really gives you new energy and increase your blood circulation. You can do simple exercises like walking, running and other exercises. If your blood circulate is poor you can start with some gentle exercise.

Drink enough water

Drinking water daily is more benefits for your blood circulation and to your organ of the body. Normally you must drink water 8-12 glasses daily. Early morning drinking water on empty stomach is good health benefits for your body.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol consumption is making more dangerous effects to your body. You known common things about consumption of alcohol damage liver, it is the main thing. But the regular consumption of alcohol reduces your blood circulation. Because it makes to adding toxin substance in your blood, then the toxin level is increase it affects the blood pumping in your heart. The blood pumping is hard in your heart to make blood pressure and less the flow of blood.

Avoid smoking

Many people know smoking cause cancer, and it kills the human healthy life. But still people continue their smoking habits. Smoking also affects the blood circulation and also cause for heart disease.


Hydrotherapy treatment is a best method for improving blood circulations. Try to bath in hot water daily. Hot water bath helps to relief from tight tense muscle in your body and increasing the oxygen flow. The inhale of hot water steam also helps to open nasal passage, removes congestion problem and increasing the intake of oxygen in your body.


Massage like exercise is good way to increase the circulation and blood flow. Sometimes you feel muscles are tight, that time you can massage with carrier oil and other essential oil helps to relive your muscle and increase blood circulation in your body.

Eating Healthy Foods

Food is decided our healthy most of the part in our life. Always eat healthy food like vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Avoid the fast food systems, more fatty oil foods. You can add spicy food like cayenne pepper, garlic and ginger to your food diet. It helps to increase your body temperature, which increase blood flows.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a good medicine for various illnesses. It is an adjustable herb that improves the blood circulation and memory power.The University of Maryland Medical Center mention in website Ginkgo biloba helps to open up the blood vessels and make less the blood sticky.

Control stress

The meaning for stress is “Tension”nowadays people commonly use this word. The stress is increase more then it affects the blood circulation. Hearing songs, playing game, watching nature and thinking nice past incidents makes your stress less. Without stress is helps to increases your blood flow and circulations.


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