Avoid this Food for your Pets


dog and catMany people have pets and they treat them as one of their family member. They give their affection and share their feelings both joy and sorrow with that pet it may be dog or cat. In my home also I had one pet dog name is Tiger (Not a real tiger, but it looking style is like a Tiger).

You love your pets very much, but sometimes you don’t know think about your pets food habits. Some common foods are poisonous to our pets. So let us you know about the common foods and take action to protect your pets from danger.

Common Foods

Now you are going to see what are the common foods can make dangerous effects or kill you’re Pets.


Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is used for diabetes and those who suffer in blood sugar issues. It is added to chewing gums, candies, oral care products like tooth paste.

It is not harmful to human beings but it makes harmful effects to your pets. The initial symptoms are vomiting, loss of coordination and at the risk stage symptoms are low blood sugars, liver failure and death.


Caffeine can found in tea, coffee, cocoa, soda, chocolates and energy drinks. If your pets consumed more caffeine items then it cause stroke, rapid heart bit.


Milk and dairy products are normal food for pet’s animal. But your pets animal don’t have large amount of lactose enzyme. So if you give more amount of milk and milk product it cause diarrhea. So try to avoid feed more amounts of milk and dairy products to your pets.

Grapes and Raisins

Grapes and raisins affect some pet animal’s health. It can cause kidney failure, so try to avoid them completely.

Onions and Garlic

Onion and Garlic is good natural food for human beings. It makes more dangerous effects to your pets when consumed more amount of onion and garlic foods. It damages your pet’s animal Red blood cells. It is more effects to cats. So please keep these foods away from your pet.

Macadamia nuts

Some nuts are not good for your pets. Especially macadamia nuts cause more bad effects to your dog. It causes vomiting, weakness and high body temperature. Other some nuts also make digestive problem to your pets.

Avoid these Fruits

Fruits are goods for body healthy, but you must avoid giving some fruits like Avocados, persimmons, peaches and plums to your pet’s animals. Avocados can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Persimmons affect your pet’s dog intestines. The cavity in peaches and plums fruits contains cyanide. It is a poison for you and your pet’s body health.


Most of the people giving meat like raw meat, fish and eggs to their pets’ animals. I know one thing your pet’s animal also like the non-veg food more. But try to avoid some of the non-veg foods. Egg cause skin problem to your pets because it contains enzymes, it decrease the absorption of Vitamin B. Some of the fish meat can cause fever and more deadly effects because it contains parasite. Always try to give fresh meat food and avoid unwanted meat, fish and eggs.


Try to avoid the above mention foods, but some of the foods are not easy to avoid, so try to give less amount. Still some of the people not accept the comments about “Spoiled food cause bad effects to pets”. Always give fresh food and maintain your pets’ health. If you see any health risk symptoms in your pets, immediately contact your nearest veterinary doctor.


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