Reduce the Lungs cancer with Garlic

reduce lungs cancerLungs are important parts in human body and fourth biggest organ in human body. Lungs are the primary organ for respirations. Lungs cancer kills nearly 1.2 million people every year.

The main cause for lungs cancer is smoking habits, but one sad thing is every five lungs cancer patients, one of them who never smoked. Lungs cancer disease form due to uncontrolled cells growth in tissues of the lungs. This is spread through other parts of the body and makes dangerous effects. Lungs cancer is not a curable disease.

Symptoms of Lungs Cancer

There are some symptoms for lungs cancer.

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing up blood
  • Fever
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue

How garlic reduce the Risk?

Natural foods contain much health nutrition and you get many healthy benefits. Nowadays grandma medical treatment and food diet is vanished due to the technology development and fast food systems. You can use Garlic in your food diet to reduce the risk of lungs cancer. Garlic has many effective medical properties, so it against the development of cancer in lungs.


Researchers after finish their research published a journal Cancer Prevention Research. Researchers tested the lungs cancer patients and collect the data about their healthy diet. Finally they check all patients and get an amazing result. Those who are consume garlic daily in their food diet; they had less chance to affects lungs cancer including smoking habits patients.

Garlic contains chemical compounds called allicin. It has more antioxidants power to against the development of cancer cells in tissues of the lungs. It also removes coughing, wheezing, fever. The antioxidants power in garlic helps to prevent from the formation of free radicals.

Add garlic in your daily food diet to prevent your lungs from cancer.If you want to know more about Lungs disease and how to strengthen your lungs, read this article.


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